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In the modern-day era of fast food binge-eating and broadening waistlines, completing a marathon is pretty much an accomplishment. All things considered, the ability of battling through 26 miles or so without the need of keeling over short of the finish line is just about outstanding, correct? But there are actually some people who think this is just a small thing since they do Ultramarathon.

Ultra marathon running is still a running sport that involves conquering long distances. It is typically a race that involves more than 26 miles. The usual races begin at 50K or 31 miles but it can span up to 100 miles long. It is usually conducted at roads, country places, and rail roads. This sport becomes extremely famous since there are a minimum of 70,000 athletes competing in various ultramarathons every single year. Most ultrarunners generally agree that the tile of hardest ultrarunning race belongs to the Badwater Ultramarathon where participants climb 19,000 feet through 135 miles of desert. This race takes place in a part of the Sahara desert, the contestants contend with heat and sand while carrying their own camping gear and food stocks.

If you want to enter the ultra marathon races, then you have to give yourself at least three months to prepare. Your most immediate line of action is to lose some pounds. Having a heavy body is not ideal in this race since you are carrying an extra 20-pound weight of camping gear. If you discard those extra pounds, then you may find yourself more up for the hard and rigorous training.

Have at least one back-to-back long run in a week. In two days, build your total hours of running based on your estimate time of finish in the ultra race. You want to run the full distance at least three to four times before the race.

Ultra Marathon Training can be done professionally under the tutelage of some coaches. If you want to do this seriously, you can sign up for Sundog Running for Endurance Coaching.

Find out what works well with your body in terms of nutrition and eating habits. One good tip to begin with is to consume water before you actually get thirsty or parched.

It is important to run effectively with little wasted motion as necessary. if possible, try to keep your head very still. Raising your feet as little as necessary will conserve a lot of your energy.

Choose proper training outfit that will give you some comfort while running. It is also important to have multiple pairs in cases of emergencies.

Train on the type of terrain that you will be racing. It is also a nice tip to run hills once in a while to increase your endurance.

You do not want to overly exhaust yourself so schedule some recovery days to so you can recharge your body.

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