Tips on Buying Heavy Duty Bike Locks

Stealing of bikes has become a major menace in cities and towns which has increased notably in the recent days. In most cases, it is very difficult to find your missing bicycle. Several measures have been put in place but there has been no record of success. Bicycle locking is very necessary to prevent you from losing it through theft.

The first tip of buying a heavy duty bike lock is by conducting a market research. You could visit relevant websites and other online sources with relevant information on heavy duty bike locks types, markets and accessibility. Friends can also be essential in your research especially those who have experience in bikes and their locks. Conducting a survey that is comprehensive will be very vital in a case you need the best and uncuttable bicycle lock.

You secondly ought to think of the best style of your heavy duty bike lock that you will be more satisfied with. Cable locks, chain locks, seat skewers or even bike lock keys are examples of the styles of bike locks that may come to your mind for you to make a selection. U-lock is the most preferred style for most people. The chances that a thief will potentially be able to break a u-lock by hitting it using a hammer and a chisel are minimal. Leveraging will be significantly minimized if a bicycle lock that has a horse-shoe shape is of a good size. The space which the crowbar can be fitted so as to break the lock will omitted consequentially. For places which have recorded high rates of crime, chain locks will be the best option because of their ability to withstand breakage using hacksaws or chisels. Based on the crime records of your locality, the style of bike lock ought to be determined.

How much effective the material making the bike lock is must be taken be taken into account when buying such a commodity. The main composition of a strong bike lock is hardened steel or an exotic material like titanium. Very many bike locks that you will be able to come across in the market can be easily cracked down using hacksaws, bolt cutters and chisels because they are majorly made up of made of softer alloys. Finding the best bike lock can be expensive due to the quality of the material used in molding it.

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