Factors to Consider on School Cleaning

The school environs where children spend most of their time should be kept clean, and this responsibility lies in the school’s management and the parents to the children. Below are some tips on school cleaning.

Maintaining high levels of cleaning is the first thing that needs to be done. Some of the areas that need to be cleaned on a daily basis are the floor, the cafeteria, the bathroom and toilet facilities. These are sensitive areas where disease-causing organisms can be transferred to fellow children causing a disease outbreak. To achieve maximum eradication of germs, it is recommended that an efficient disinfectant be used.

Secondly, the substances used for the cleaning purposes should not affect the health of the children or cause allergic reactions. During the purchase of cleaning products, ensure that the safety manuals are clear on any side effects and that they are child use friendly. To safeguard the health of the school children and other school users, cleaning staff should be well trained on using the products. For guaranteed safety of the children at the school premises, the cleaning substances ought to be stored away from childrens reach.

Hiring a permanent janitor who is always available on school hours is strategic step a school should take in maintaining the cleanliness of the school. With the janitor onsite, he can quickly come in for situations needing quick attention to protect the health of the children and other people in the school premise. Cleaning should be done after school hours when the children and other staff members have left the school premise for their homes. This minimizes the exposure of any person to the substances used for the school cleaning purposes. To obtain the highest cleaning standards of the school premise, it is strongly recommended that the management hires professionally trained janitors. Availing proper equipment for the cleaning purposes to the janitors is recommended to facilitate their work.

Involving the children in maintaining the cleanliness standards in the school is also a strategy the school can employ in keeping their environment clean and conducive to study in. By discouraging children on littering, improper disposal of waste, spilling water and leaving toilets not flushed after use can boost the level of cleanliness in the school. Other than keeping the school premise clean they also maintain high standards of hygiene. It is also advisable to organize for a school clean-up day where the children and their teachers spend half of a school day cleaning and organizing their classroom. For the venture to be competitive and interesting, a prize award can be offered for the class which achieves and maintains the highest standards of cleanliness. To raise and maintain the level of cleanliness in your school premise, take the above factors into consideration.

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