The Reason for Getting Fungus on the Acrylic Nail

You are quite aware that the acrylic nails are just manmade and they are created to purposefully raise that fashion statement among the women. These practices are loved by those who are in the fashion industry in particular. But, there are also those who are simply wearing them to have long nails when their nails are not growing.

Even if they are quite harmless when you put them and take them off but they would involve the use of those acids as well as other chemicals which may bring such allergic reactions to your body. Also, if there is damage to such artificial nails, then you would risk having such fungal infection. However, the first thing that you must know is that it would be very important that you actually get to understand the acrylic nail type.

You have to know that such artificial nails are created in a couple of kinds which are the gel as well as the acrylic. However, there is that third type that is known as the silk and such type of artificial nail is often used to fix the damaged nails or to ensure that the nail tips are stronger.

This kind of nail is actually made of plastic material and such is the most popular option for the women in different parts of the world. This would form that hard shell when you are going to mix a powder with that liquid and this mixture would then be applied on top of and glued on the nail tips using the nail brush. An since the real nails would grow all the time, then you would then see that small gap between the cuticle and the acrylic nail. Well, what you must do is that you should visit the nail salon in order to have those gaps filled but you may also do this all by yourself. Such chemicals used in the filler as well as the filing may weaken those real nails and they are going to make them quite loose and fragile. Once this takes place and you have fungal infection at that moment already, those artificial nails would make it worse or could lead to other issues.

The acrylic nail fungus is actually the fungus that develops beneath the fingernail and also the nail fungus is commonly known since this has affected some female victims in different parts of the world. It is surely possible that the nail fungal infections would get unnoticed because of the fact that the acrylic nails become hidden under. Once the real nail gets infected, the fungus would then thrive as those artificial nails would give them the ideal place for them to survive and also the right conditions to multiply.

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